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  1. Support for GPU encoding on macOS - Enhancement. · Issue # · HandBrake/HandBrake · GitHub
  2. First Mac-based Quick Sync Video Converter with 5X Faster Speed
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Like in the very early days of video compression. I know, this patch is just a draft and quality will improve, but how does this video toolbox thingy work? Is it just disabling any optimization all together or is there more behind it? Thanks for clarifying. It does not in any way accelerate x or x encoders and as such, you can't use options for those encoders with it. VideoToolbox is yet another subset on that subset. Infact, VT provides virtually no control over the encoder so your ability to tune it is pretty much non existent. If your on the latest Intel CPU's.

The results will be not so good on macOS though: No, quality won't improve. You need to throw more bit-rate at it to achieve better quality. Note VT doesn't support quality encodes the hardware does though, just limited by apple , only bit-rate based.

OK, thanks for clarification. Now my hopes in VideoToolbox are a bit shattered. But to install Windows on my Mac is not really on option for me. Then I need to bite the bullet and wait 22 h for the encoding. Hope Apple will improve this API. Apples API is an abstraction over a modest number of encoders for their different platforms. So in all likelyhood it's designed for the lowest common denominator. I'd like to be wrong, but I'm not hopeful in this case.

I'm currently using a hackintosh on my desktop iK,. GTX , and would love to be able to do nvenc encodes.

But I don't think it's popular enough, which is mildly surprising. You are right. I played a bit with VideoToolbox encoding. And per default the bit-rate is very low and so the quality. The only way I could improve quality is to increase the bit rate: Therefore I think with faked bitrate values will give a good compromise between speed and quality. Added in 5ce8.

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And not to sound sharp, but I know its an ISP on the GPU die that allows for QuickSync ; Either way I think it would be heavily beneficial even if there isn't that much of a control, as again CoreVideo would match settings and only offload tasks that it sees fit, which granted does remove some control from the user, but would greatly add performance to the systems in general. I've tried to build the galad87 branch but ended with few errors like: Can somebody provide the compiled file? It can't connect to the internet to download files. No concrete decision has been made on this.

Please don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say. Read more carefully. Again, putting words in my mouth I didn't say QuickSync was trivial. I said it was trivial to implement. I do use this from time to time on Windows for my non archival use cases and it works very well for this. We literally have thousands of prosumers and professionals using HandBrake to avoid using the substandard H.

Particularly on Mac. QuickSync on Windows, runs circles around any implementation of it on Mac. You can achieve much better output with quicksync in video editors on windows where they offer control. For example the HB log looks like this: I know, this patch is just a draft and quality will improve No, quality won't improve.

Support for GPU encoding on macOS - Enhancement. · Issue # · HandBrake/HandBrake · GitHub

Doesn't seem likely Apple will support this. Unscheduled , 1.

Comparison Table with and Without Intel Quick Sync Video Selected

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First Mac-based Quick Sync Video Converter with 5X Faster Speed

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