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Follow the on-screen instructions to connect and wake up the presenter. Once the Spotlight presenter is connected, you can take a tour of the features.

Kensington Personalized Presentation Tool

Press the power button on top to start. To activate and use the highlight feature: Press and hold down the Cursor button power button until the spotlight appears on the device screen.

Take a few seconds to move the spotlight around and check to see if the device is experiencing any lag or stuttering. The software will run a short animation to demonstrate how the Spotlight presentation remote vibrates when the presentation reaches its last 5 minutes.

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But it doesn't have to be that way. A presentation made using software that offers engaging visuals and animations can really grab an audience's attention, get them engaged, and make sure they actually remember the information. Read more: Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

The Most Innovative Presentation App

Although Microsoft Powerpoint has become almost synonymous with presentations, it isn't the only way to get your slides on screen. If you don't fancy paying for a Microsoft Office subscription, there are lots of free tools that will help you create attention-grabbing slideshows, and are quick and easy to use.

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WPS Presentation its PowerPoint-alike has enough muscle to perform just about every task you'd expect of a slideshow app. The range of templates on offer is particularly impressive, and there's also a stack of animations, transitions and effects to choose from. There's even support for embedding numerous different file types including Flash SWF files and most video formats. Read on for four more of the best tools for bringing your slideshows to life. LibreOffice 's free presentation software, Impress, has an, er, impressive pedigree.

Top 11 Free Slideshow Maker for Mac | Which One is the Best to Create Slideshow

It also has a raft of features and templates at its disposal, but don't make the mistake of thinking it's an exact PowerPoint analog. Certain features of more modern PowerPoint versions aren't included internet broadcast, collaboration, animated diagrams though LibreOffice Impress adds some pretty cool features of its own, like various export formats including SWF, import compatibility with Keynote files, and full support for embedding fonts in your presentations. Download File Size: 4.

Bonus: How to Make Movie Slideshow with Filmora Video Editor?

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Mac Keynote: Creating Presentations On Your Mac

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