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  2. How to convert Access .mdb files to .csv or SQL using Mac OS X
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  • How to convert Access .mdb files to .csv or SQL using Mac OS X.

Internet Explorer is Microsoft's popular internet browser. Internet Explorer X 5. Mac Disk Explorer 1. Use an iPhone as a flash drive? Recovery Explorer Standard 6.

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How to convert a XLS to a MDB file?

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How to convert Access .mdb files to .csv or SQL using Mac OS X

As far as a 'helper app' to convert them, there isn't one that I'm aware of that'll run under OS X. The last time I searched for one was a year ago or so, but nothing came up then and I seriously doubt there was a strong demand for such a thing. Access is a bit weird in how it does things, which would probably be a nightmare to have to convert. Unless Excel for Mac is radically different, you ought to be able to design queries in Excel to extract data and save data back into the Access db, without having to convert.

But if you need more advanced relational-db functionality, I s'pose you ought to convert. Thanks for the correction elander. This isn't related to the orig. Now, I have to do it all over again since I upgraded to Tiger. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it!

‎MDB ACCDB Viewer on the Mac App Store

That would probably be even more appreciated. If you don't have the time, just drop a few lines about how you did the pgsql thing, and I'll try to take it from there and do a MySQL version. That will be hard to do because now I am running into compiler errors. I have a windows machine up with access, but don't know how to export the whole database into a different format. FmPro Migrator. AdmiralAK Simply Daemonic.