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Fine tuning the Junk Mail filter
  1. Troubleshooting Apple’s Junk Mail Filter
  2. If junk mail isn’t marked as junk
  3. Mac Mail: Mark as Not Junk -> Inbox - Apple Community
  4. How to Bulk Move a Group of Emails from Junk to Inbox in Mail for Mac

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Troubleshooting Apple’s Junk Mail Filter

Viewed 3k times. For some reason, Mail. I've tried "Move to Inbox" on some, but it doesn't help new ones received as junk. The answer at the above link says "right click the mail and select 'Not Junk'", there is no such option.

If junk mail isn’t marked as junk

I've set my junk filtering as follows: I've added the sender to my contacts, I can confirm that it's added with its email address. I've also tried replacing the "From does not contain" field in the screenshot above with the actual email address of the sender instead of its name. I've added the sender to VIP. IconDaemon I've added the headers. IconDaemon yep, I've now added an exception for the sender.

Can confirm "Not junk" is no longer present, only move to inbox. David Rouse David Rouse 1, 8 8 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. SG pro SG pro 17 3 3 bronze badges.

Mac Mail: Mark as Not Junk -> Inbox - Apple Community

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For the opposite action, choose Junk and Block Sender , which will send any other messages from the same sender straight to your spam folder as well, in the future. Outlook lets you change how aggressive the spam filter is inside the client: Open up the Junk menu from the Home tab, then choose Junk E-Mail Options.

You can turn off filtering altogether, filter only the most obvious spam messages, try and catch as many spam messages as possible, or only accept emails from approved senders. In the built-in Mail program for Windows 10, you need to click on More and then Junk in the folder list to find messages marked as spam. Use the Not junk button to tell Mail when an email is genuine.

To send a message the other way, from the message window click the menu button three dots, top right then Mark as Spam. In the mobile Outlook app, you need to open the menu button three dots, top right , then choose either Move to spam or Move to inbox if Outlook has got something wrong.

How to Bulk Move a Group of Emails from Junk to Inbox in Mail for Mac

You can also drag and drop emails in or out of the Junk folder. Whichever method you choose, Mail takes note for the future sorting of messages. Open the Mail menu, choose Preferences , then Junk Mail. The filter can be turned on and off, and you can set the types of messages that are exempt like emails from people in your contacts list. To reset all that learning, click Reset in the Junk Mail dialog window. With a message open, tap the Move button the folder icon at the bottom to choose a different folder.

You can also use this to flag up messages that have particular words in the subject or that come from a particular domain name, whether you want to flag important emails or spam emails that have been mislabeled. In Gmail on the web, you can open up a message, click the menu button three dots, top right , then choose Filter messages like this to get started. On Apple Mail for the desktop, meanwhile, you can open up the Mail menu then choose Preferences and Rules to start configuring some of your own custom-made filters.

Anything from words in the subject header to whether or not a contact has emailed you before can be used as a criteria. The A.