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  1. Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.11 Update for Tiger users
  2. 'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps
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Whilst it's not officially qualified, I'm running Mac OS Using the in-built Apple software update can cause problems for some audio applications that use PACE anti-piracy software protection. As long as you use the Combo updater, you should not need the prebinding script. I was leary of using And I update anyone on Tiger to Google either And what are the problems that appears with tha PACE software????

Is the pace problem only if I have the ilok and protools installed and then try to update or maybe will I have the same trouble doing the update and then installing the ilok and the protools???? I do a search on the forum, writing prebiding on the search and it appears messages of people that has collapsed their protools, even with a quicktime update, so any update could cause my protools collapse?????

I need to know what reason makes the pace crash to try to find a real solution, I think that there is a lot of people that updates any component of their software and it makes the protools crash, not only the apple software. So I need to know the matter due in if I want to do other updates in the next days, know which one could collapse my protools.

Installation Requirements

I wouldn't be scared to use Digi hasn't offically blessed Or because someone updated to The Combo updater installs the same software updates as the auto update, but does the install differently in a more 'safe' manner, is my understanding. Less problems seem to occur when using the combo updater and even the Apple forums recommend doing combo updates if possible. You could stay on I always use Disk Warrior to make sure the disk is operating properly before installing any OS updates. And I use Super Duper, which is a free utility that makes a perfect clone of your drive to a backup drive that I keep on a shelf at a different location away from my studio.

Super Duper has worked great for me, but others might recommend Carbon Copy Cloner as well for the same job. If you notice any issues after updating the OS, then you just use your backup drive image to 'go back in time' For me this is a simple as turning the computer off, sliding the drive in and booting back up.

Or you could boot it from an external.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.11 Update for Tiger users

It is just funny that the manual combo update works better than the software update. What does exactly crash the pace in any apple update???? Anyone knows it????? Thanks a lot for all the answers. You do not have to have an iLok connected to install updates.

'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps

You don't even need it connected with installing PACE software - the only time it must be connected is when launching Pro Tools assuming you want to use the plug-ins authorized by the iLok. The combo updater has all components in it and installs all of them, while the 'delta' update from the Software Update panel only installs and updates components it detects as necessary.

So as far as I understand everybody thinks that it is better to make the combo update. Anybody has any troubles with the protools????? Thanks to everybody P.

Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a PowerBook G4

The delta update is the same as the software update manager???? From what I understand your on a G4 mac correct? If so this is the link to the update for Yes I have a dual processor ppc mac Thanks for the link, anyway does anybody knows why with some updates the pace ilok crash???? Update And i have the right update for intel No luck!! Someone please help me out!

MacStrategy | Article | Mac OS X Tiger Combo Updates

Giaguara Chmod Staff member. Sep 20, What is the Mac model you have? How is that disk formatted? Installed Tiger with the disk i got with my macbook It's Please try again" Macbook Is that combo update the one for Intel? DeltaMac Tech Sep 20, Just download the Registered Dec 31, My machine is a powerpc G5, and i am having a similar problem. I just installed a second hd to back up the factory hd, which seems to be ready to crash. I loaded the new hd with In the update window where it asks for the destination, the original disc has a green arrow and will accept the update again , but the new disc has a red!

It made me think it was something to do with the new sata device, but I bought it from an apple dealer STAS.

I am certain the ppc update is the one I need. The intel combo download gives a red! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Dec 31, Did you partition and format the new Hard-drive with the proper Apple partition map before you tried the new install? DeltaMac Tech Jan 1, The Combo updater is the one you need. I posted a link to the Intel combo updater, which will not work for you and would give the error that you see Here's the correct one for a G5, or any other PPC Mac running any version of Registered Jan 7, Thanks guys.

I ended up just making an exact copy of everything from my failing hd on the new hd by using disk utility's restore feature.