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  1. How to Fix the disk is Write Protected
  2. Case 1: The read-only external hard drive is NTFS formatted
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Write protection, also named as read-only, it can be virtual or physical. When your hard drive or other storage devices like USB flash drive are enabled with write protection, you will not be allowed to make any write operation to it. Such as, it is unavailable to delete files on it or store new files on it. And you are only allowed to read the data already stored on it. That is to say, if your disk is write-protected, data loss on it caused by correct operations can be avoided.

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In general disk write protected can be caused by virus attack or infection, corrupted file system and wrong value of Windows Registry Key etc. If you are troubled in this issue, consider that whether there are chances that your hard drive is infected with virus and run anti-virus software to check for it. If you are sure about that there is no virus on your hard drive, you can try the solutions presented in the following part.

You can run it to check your hard drive for bad sectors.

How to Fix the disk is Write Protected

If you are unable to run this command and receive message error that Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected, you can try the following command:. If you are still troubled by write protected issue, find a solution in the content below. This method is applied to the situation that the attributes of your hard drive has been set as read-only in Diskpart. The steps are listed as follows:.

Within a few seconds, Diskpart utility cleared Read-only successfully.

Case 1: The read-only external hard drive is NTFS formatted

When the value of Windows Registry Key is set incorrectly, you can remove write protection using Registry Editor. Then name it with StorageDevicePolicies.

Name it with Write Protect and open it to set the Value data to 0. If your disk write-protected error is caused by corrupted file system, you can remove write protection on hard drive via formatting.

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    Write protected External Hard drive - Apple Community

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    Your Posts. User Tag List. Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Pls help Attached Thumbnails. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Run both checks and disk pass and seems to be okay and command prompt that i run as administrator does not allow me to run that command cos disk is write protected Attached Thumbnails. Quote: Originally Posted by spunk.

    Show Printable Version. Download Thread. Similar Threads. I think the problem started when a particular letter was assigned to the that drive. Another person had a similar problem and he solved it by changing the drive properties to USB enumerator. When you check its disk information, you will find you can only read this external hard drive.

    You may be wondering why you can't write to this external hard drive even though you are the owner of this disk, and more importantly, if you can fix this problem. Thus, this post will analyze three external hard drive read-only cases so that you can find a relevant and feasible solution to your problem. A file system controls how data is stored and retrieved on a disk. There are many different kinds of file systems, and each one has different structure and logic, properties of speed, flexibility, security, size, etc.

    If you try to copy or drag files on an NTFS-formatted external hard drive on Mac, you'll be unable to but see the greyed-out no symbol as below. And when you open files on this external hard drive, you will find your documents being read-only and photos being locked.

    Simply, you can check this by viewing its disk information either in Disk Utility or in the Finder, and here is how. Step 1: Click on Launchpad at the dock of your Mac and choose Other in the menu. Step 3: When it is launched, click on the external hard drive you have problem with in the left sidebar. Then, after making sure that it is the Windows NTFS file system that makes your external hard drive read-only on Mac, you can go head to fix this problem. It is possible that you just recently bought a new hard drive and found it is formatted as NTFS.

    In this case, if you don't have anything important on this drive or you have a copy of a data backup, you can simply format this external hard drive without worrying about data loss. To formatting this read-only hard drive, you can just go to Disk Utility and erase it. There are several format you can choose, and erasing this disk into which file system depends on how you intend to use the drive.

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    5. However, if you have several important files on this external hard drive, and you frequently swap your work between Windows and Mac computers, formatting this drive definitely is the last solution you would resort to. The reason is, as you may know, formatting a hard disk will wipe your data out of this drive and cause data loss. An NTFS driver for Mac should be the most convenient tool for people who want to fix this issue without formatting, because you can work natively and seamlessly on NTFS formatted external hard drives on your Mac in a few clicks.

      You can also try the experimental method to enable NTFS read-write support with command prompt on your Mac. However, it is not recommended as it is not stable and could result in data loss if it goes wrong.