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So I go browsing the internet again and I found the flash disinfector. I dunno at the moment I just feel like a Gorilla is trying to sit on my back. Posted 02 February - PM at the same time, I should add with the dell I also use pro tools m powered on it yes an official version , I have an ilok that has my licenses on it. I am extremely paranoid about plugging it to start a session the application won't run without the licenses. Plus I have a few other licenses on there and I really don't want to lose them or end up with a defective ilok. I'm also paranoid about my unit being affected by this too.

Posted 02 February - PM I've also done a full scan twice with malwarebytes. Help Please!!!!!! Posted 03 February - PM one other thing I might add I've ran the F-secure stuff and it tells me the same thing all the time. I just says log off "computer". I know its a small detail but i've always found that the small details are the things that need to be paid attention to the most because they come up and bite you when you least expect it. I really really Just want to get this off of my Flash Drive too. Now I haven't opened this folder on my pc but I have on my Mac and like I said there's some weird exe.

I know there has to be someone out there who at least understands what's going on with my situation. The Driver folder is where the corrupt file is located This Is what I see in the Driver Folder whenever I clicked on explore for this file, it was always empty. Even when I tried to delete it, It was empty. Posted 03 February - PM I Don't know if this worked or not but here's what I just did I noticed I could actually delete the files on my Mac but everytime I put the flash drive back in my computer, they showed back up on the drive. So I'm figuring the culprit is that my computer has been infected.

So I tried this. As you can see from the photos I posted. There was always a driver folder being created, with a Usb subfolder. Now in the subfolder there was always the exe file and the desktop. I went into the driver folder on my mac and in the usb subfolder I unlocked the Exe file then I simply deleted the whole folder. I made a brand new folder called "Driver" made it identical with the usb subfolder, except this time within the usb sub folder I created another folder called "Desktop. So it turns out the driver folder is still listed as a hidden folder yet this time its only 6.

Chewy No.

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Try not. There is no try. Posted 03 February - PM So Let me get this straight after giving this thing too much thought. The Autorun. It could be used for maybe opening up something like a Game or CD automatically and that being the case software like Malwarebyte's etc.

Don't really see it as a threat. So it won't scan the exe files being written, but most cases such as mine occurred when the user didn't click explore and clicked on the icon within the my computer screen? I think its a combination of both. BUT I think that it has to be on the computer now. So What exactly is going on?

It doesn't seem like I need a system restore, I think that would be a little bit too uncalled for. DAT : 8. EXE : 8. DLL : 8. VDF : 7. DLL : 1. DLL : 3. EXE' - '1' Module s have been scanned Scan process 'wdfmgr.

Starting to scan the registry. The registry was scanned '78' files. End of the scan: Tuesday, February 03, Used time: Minute s The scan has been done completely. Posted 03 February - PM autorun. Mark why won't my laptop work? Having grandkids is God's way of giving you a 2nd chance because you were too busy working your butt off the 1st time around Do not send me PMs with problems that should be posted in the forums.

Posted 03 February - PM lpt3. This autorun. DaChew, I don't know why. I Had it trying to update on the other computer for a long time maybe about an hour but to no avail. Back to Am I infected? Site Changelog. Need an account?

Desktop Apps

Most installers for OSX simply open up a folder to show the application and, possibly, a readme. Installing is done by dragging the app to your Applications folder. For other kinds of apps on CDs say, a slide show or something like that , the developer generally uses hidden folders to hide support data to ensure that the only thing the user will see when they open the CD is the single icon they're supposed to double click to start the app.

If you are looking for something for just yourself, you could write a small mac app that runs in the background and watches for a particular USB device by id to be attached and then run the program.

It is possible to install a background service that monitors whenever a USB device is plugged in and then launches an App. Google's "Android File Transfer Agent" is such a service that is running in the background and launches "Android File Transfer" whenever you plug in an Android device. I agree with JavaCoderEx. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Manually Removing an Autorun Virus - Comodo News and Internet Security Information

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Ask Question. Yigang Wu Yigang Wu 1, 5 5 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 52 52 bronze badges. Lots and lots of keyloggers were implanted because of this. It's impossible on a Mac though!


You can't. Autostarting applications is impossible under Mac OS X.

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Sophie Alpert Sophie Alpert k 33 33 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Autorun is one of the stupidest things ever invented. I disagree..