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What about Dragon for Windows PC?
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I am considering buying Dragon Dictate to use with medico legal reports which will contain al lot of medical terminology, is it possible to correct spelling using the key board rather than dictate correct spelling?

Use your voice to enter text on your Mac

I dictate but then type to correct. I recently purchased DNS version It has worked good on XP. Now I have upgraded to Win7 and I cannot make it run. They tell me on the Mac, you can run two systems: Apple and Windows. Is that true for DNS v. Or will I have to buy another version of DNS?

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If it runs on Mac, will it run as good as on Win? I saw an old Dragon Dictate that belonged to my brother before.

It guess he bought it 3 years ago. Can I still use it on my Mac? Downloaded Dragon Dictate from internet—now they want me to insert a disc. I did not buy one just downloaded. What now? I found it primitive and frustrating. Given that its ability to correct, spell and modify dictated text is very limited and cumbersome compared to DNS, I find myself frequently returning to the keyboard and finding it sends Dragon Dictate into a SuperNova.

Dictation on a Mac

I just want to dictate; to spell; to correct; and to edit with ease both orally and on the keyboard — whichever suits my purpose at the time. Dragon Dictate is a long way short of DNS. Given that Dragon Dictate 2. I am hoping this will improve with Dragon Dictate 3 — whenever that happens — and that people who wasted their money on Dictate 2. I have used the dictating programs for over 12 years. I am a real estate inspector. I conduct reports a year, which means 3 to 4 hours per day dictating.

An amazing ability but that is why I went to Dragon Ver 3. I used it all the way up to Dragon 12 on PCs. It would get a little better each time. Then I bought a Mac. The Dragon 2. That is what the Nuance reps admitted. Think of it, Version 12 compared to version 2 or 3, which set of programmers have got it dialed in? Well, the Mac program it terrible at making corrections. The PC version allows you to add and delete words easily. The dictionary has 20, Surnames, that no one will ever use. It was a programmers game to see how many last names he could install.

You cannot delete the word from the Dictionary so it comes up all the time. Black dusty stuff on a heater exhaust. Google Docs Voice Typing allows you to dictate and edit your Google Docs files completely hands-free. The software works with any desktop version of Google Chrome and allows you to both dictate text and navigate around documents with voice commands. It also allows voice dictation in 62 different languages.

As its name implies, Google Docs Voice Typing allows you to create documents without touching your keyboard. This is a powerful feature only surpassed by Dragon.

Top 6 Voice Recognition Software 12222

Google Docs Voice Typing is good for users who want powerful voice dictation mixed with a capable word processing app. As such, it cannot interact with other apps or give you traffic information. Unlike Dragon, you can only dictate Google Docs files. This software is best suited for users who are fine with using a voice assistant for automating their daily work lives.

Google Docs Voice Typing is very accurate. It even understood our dictation despite heavy background noise. That platform does a much better job at understanding natural speech and mispronunciations. Still, Google Docs Voice Typing is good for those who want hands-free dictation that understands natural speech. This far exceeds that of Dragon, which is an expensive product that only supports up to six languages.

Google Docs Voice typing is ideal for multilingual users who want powerful dictation in many different languages. Additionally, it only allows you to type and edit text within that program. That service gives you full control over using your computer as well the ability to dictate in Microsoft Word. Google Docs is popular with business users, and many appreciate the ability to dictate to the software and work hands-free. Users report that accuracy for dictation is generally good and typos are few.

With that in mind, there are many complaints about the lack of a phone support line for Google Docs. Google Docs Voice Typing is a free tool for one of the most popular word processors on the market. It provides the ability to create, edit, and format documents as you see fit. Check out Google Docs by clicking the link below. Siri is an AI-based assistant that comes bundled for free with Apple devices. You can use Siri to take notes, send messages, pull information from the web, and open applications.

It is a good fit for workers who use one or more Apple products in their daily life. Just like other smart assistants, Siri comes free with any Apple device. Siri can help automate a lot of tasks on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

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You can ask the assistant questions, have it set reminders, or take dictated voice notes which can be logged automatically in some CRMs. If you have multiple Apple devices, you can also use Siri to share content across devices. This is in line with how Google Assistant works with Google Drive. Siri can dictate notes for you, which you can then find in the Notes app on your Apple device. This is similar to how the Cortana and Google Assistant software works on Microsoft and Google devices, respectively.

However, you are not able to dictate text within a word processor as you can with Dragon or Google Docs Voice Typing. Siri is good for Apple users that only need to dictate notes without having to touch their keyboard.

Google Docs Voice Typing lets you speak instead of type

Siri connects data with standard Apple apps such as Notes, Calendar, and Messages as well as third-party apps. Siri is very accurate and can understand a wide variety of accents. With that in mind, some American users with accents from the New England and Southeast regions report that Siri can sometimes misinterpret their words. Dragon, on the other hand, lets you specify your dialect during set up, so it understands a wide range of accents.

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Still, Siri matches the other smart device assistants in terms of overall accuracy for most users. Siri is available in 20 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and German. However, it lags behind in that service when it comes to translation.

Top 6 Voice Recognition Software 12222

There is currently no two-way translation feature, either. Siri does not offer as many app integrations as Google Assistant. Additionally, Siri does not understand questions as naturally as Google Assistant or Cortana. Dictation is far less accurate than other smart assistants, and Siri can sometimes have trouble finding events in your calendar. If you want a more natural assistant, an Android device with Google Assistant might be a better option.

Users find Siri helpful for taking reminders and notes that can be viewed on all of their Apple devices. Users who use both Macs and iOS devices will enjoy being able to share content between their devices as well. Visit Apple.

10 Best Mac & PC Dictation Software (Voice to Text Apps - )

Like other assistants, you can ask it for stock, weather, and other general information pulled from the web or dictate notes. However, you can also use Cortana to open and close apps like Excel and Outlook. Cortana is free with any copy of Windows This is just like Google Assistant and Siri, which come free with their respective operating systems. Cortana allows you to set reminders and take notes on Windows 10 devices. You can also use it to open apps and control audio playback on your machine. It serves as an effective way to navigate throughout the OS without using a mouse and keyboard.